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Oxidation Remover


Fiberglass Stain Remover designed to remove the yellow hue and stains from fiberglass boat hulls.
Also does a great job as an oxidation remover, removing dull, chalkiness from fiberglass RV.
You know those pesky spider droppings on boats and RV? Removes those too.
Biodegradable, Non Aerosol

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DIRECTIONS: Ready to use. For the yellow hue on a boat hull: Spray on, let stand 1-10 minutes, allowing longer time for salt water conditions and heavy build up. Rinse thoroughly or wipe thoroughly with a clean, cotton towel.
For dull, chalked paint on an rv: Spray on, wipe clean. Agitation with a soft bristle brush may be required on boat and rv surfaces with heavy water mineral build up. Follow up with an application of RV Wax to prevent future build up and create a layer of UV protection and shine.


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