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Metal Polishing Kit


Professional Universal Metal Polishing Kit

Includes 4oz Renew Metal Polish and Biokleen Polishing Ball
Save 22% by purchasing the Metal Polishing Kit
Drastically reduce metal polishing time
Polishes metals, creates a brilliant shine
Polish those hard to reach areas with ease
4oz Bottle does 150+ Square Feet, depending on severity

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Shake Biokleen Renew Metal Polish well to activate before and during applications. Do not use on metals with any type of overlay.
Polishing Metals (aluminum polish, stainless steel polish, chrome polish, billet polish, diamond plate polish, running boards, gold, brass, silver, copper bronze, nickel and more):
For best results, apply Biokleen Renew Metal Polish with Biokleen Polishing Ball: Always use Biokleen Polishing Ball with drill in forward, or clockwise, direction. Place two to four dime-size drops of metal polish proportionally across the ball for initial application. Add one to two additional drops as needed for the application. Start by using the drill at slow speeds until polish is absorbed, then increase speed. Polish metal until entire surface turns black. Buff off metal with an additional Biokleen Polishing Ball or a clean, dry terry cloth towel for a brilliant shine. Always use precaution when using hand tools. Always wear protective eyewear.


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